The Energy of September:

Messages come to us in all sorts of ways, particularly in this world of hyper connection. But how do you decide what is for you. It is about the feelings in your body the words bring. Feeling, but not thinking. These messages can bring us guidance for what we need to be aware of and hope that the hard times we will pass. For myself, at the start of each month I take time to goal set, and council with my inner self and the universe. Allowing myself to feel into the messages that brought forth. I’ve decided to share with you what september hold energetically for us. 

As a whole for september, we need to remember the power in being adaptable. 
I used my tarot deck and intuition to bring these to you.

Two of Pentacles

This month, we are being reminded to be adaptable. Life rarely, if ever, goes according to the plan we have. It is a month to forget force and find flexibility. To become open to whatever is thrown our way. Life is transitory and nothing is forever. The good or the bad. So make the most of whatever happens. Let this month be an opportunity show up with grace and a good attitude. Take it a day at a time, or an hour at a time. Whatever you need to see the situation as the sum of all its pieces. 

Below you will find a deeper look at this month based on your astrological placements. For a complete message, look at your RISING/SUN/MOON signs. I am CAPRICORN/LIBRA/GEMINI. So based on what messages I received my September will ask me to be flow through these next 30 days. As well as the need to stop procrastinating because of fear. And to challenge my perspective of myself and the world around me, while slowing down and recalling my inner wisdom.  (If you don’t know yours, head )

  Capricorn : The World  Reversed

It is time for closure. You need to complete what you started. Your procrastination is just fear and self doubt in a different outfit. When faced with fear, ask yourself what is really the worst that could happen. Give yourself time to see where this dead is coming from and problem solve. See if gnosis fears are still revenant to who you are today. Be mindful throughout this month not to get tunnel vision. See the big picture, choosing to also see the good in the bad.  

Scorpio: 9 of Pentacles
Have you taken time to see how far you’ve come. This September, make it a priority to relish and savor the success you currently have. It can be easy to only see how much further you have to go. What you have worked towards, is here because of your efforts. Hit pause! Recognize the badass you are and have become. Forget what is next just for a moment. Slow down daily and take control of your focus. Your energy and efforts will follow where you set your intentions. Celebrate yourself and fill your life with gratitude. September is a month to enjoy what you have created, and let it inspire your next steps.



Leo: 10 of Cups
Routines are good, but can leave you comfortable and unwilling to switch things up. You know what works to get the job done. Now, get ready to switch up it up. Make the conscious decision to do things a little differently this month. It will open up your eyes and your heart. Through this switch up you will see all the magic that has gotten you to this point in your life. As you see the magic, practice gratitude. An attitude of gratitude for all the blessings and lessons. Each moment has lead you and shaped you. You are blessed. A priority for you this month, other than shaking things up, is to remind your loved ones how much they mean to you. Send a thoughtful text, call your mum! Do what feels right.

 Aries: The Star
You are a giver, and in order to bless and serve those around you, it is time to find the parts of yourself you have neglected and what do you need to give yourself. You have set big goals for yourself, and then have been heard. Now is when they are beginning to come into fruition. The work you are doing is being noticed. Remember to give all the love you have, you have to love yourself.

Aquarius : The Sun Reversed

Not all times in life are easy breezy, September may hold some challenges for you. A situation where it is hard to see the positive. Understand that wherever there is bad there is also good co-existing. It sometimes takes some digging to uncover. You are where you need to be learning and growing. But you may find yourself at times this month wondering if you are truly on the right track. “Right” doesn’t mean easy. Embrace the perspective of a child who can find wonder in the strangest places. You are a beacon of light. Positivity during challenges is a choice. What will you choose. Make sure to ask for help when you need it. No one needs to journey alone. Know what you want and get after it.

Pisces : Strength

It is a time and a place in your year to remember who strong you truly are. It’s easy to forget how capable you are. This September, make the choice to tap into the soft quiet strength that lives within you. It will be a daily choice. To show up and act in your best interest despite fear. Be gentle with yourself. All of you is worthy of all you desire to do and have. Confront and overcome your weakness. You are able to change anything. But first you have to see that you are not stuck.

Virgo: The World

Summer is closing, and with more structure comes change in your everyday. This month you will be surrounded with new beginnings and possibilities. They have been there for some time but because of life and it’s demands it was hard to see them. The final pieces for you latest venture are coming into place so that chapter can be closed, and the new can be embraced. Your world needs you. Particularly now. Use your light and unique abilities to create a space for love and healing.

Gemini: King of Swords
You have been keeping yourself small and limiting your capabilities. You are so much more than you’ve allowed yourself to be. It is time, this month as the seasons change, to challenge your perspective. Stop assuming you know how things will unfold. No one can predict what may or may not happen. Choose to live with openness to whatever happens. You are capable of change. It starts with your thoughts.

Cancer: Reversed Ace of wands
Can you feel the ideas and inspiration heading your way? September will be a month where your brain is filled! At times it may even feel like you are going to burst there’s so many ideas in your mind. Channel this through writing. Carry a pen and paper, not just notes in your phone. Something about allowing thoughts to flow through you is what you need. As the ideas turn from non tangible ideas to words on a page you will see refine them. Dissecting what is truly for you. Try not to rush as the inspiration hits. Tap into your patience as you do the work. When the opportunity is right you will know it is time to take action. Unwrap your happiness from your achievements, simply being you is amazing.

Sagittarius: Reversed Knight of Swords
2019 has been full on for you so far, and you have been taking this year in strides. Quickly moving through all your tasks and setbacks; ultimately making progress towards your goals. September is a time where you are needed to be present and not constantly distracted by the future and figuring out what is next. You’ve spent much of your time not able to enjoy each moment as it is happening. Remind yourself, that every step even slow and small is helping you. You are needed here, for yourself and for those you love. The present is as beautiful as your future moments will be. Be mindful of your thoughts throughout September. They can get the best of you. Let them visit, but not consume you. Release your need for perfection. It is ok to be a work in progress.

 Libra: The Hermit
You will be your best guide during this month. There's been many questions on your mind lately. You have sought external guidance and still feel just as lost. Understand that what you need to know will be made available to you if you are willing to turn your focus inward. It will feel uncomfortable if you aren’t used to trusting yourself. Create time daily to be free from distraction. This includes staying busy just to be busy. Constant busyness is just a distraction, and disconnects you from your feelings. Go slow as you follow your path connecting you to your inner awareness.

Taurus: Queen of Swords
You can work your way out of the chaos you have been feeling the last few weeks. Currently, you are surrounded by an energy that brings you clarity. Implement clear and defined boundaries. Honor yourself by sticking with them. September can be a month one of transformation from victim to victor, no longer subject to the chaos. Invest your time and energy wisely. Don’t waste it by worrying about being liked, just show up with respect and

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