If you follow me on insta, or read my last blog post. You’ve seen the word tarot. Maybe you are interested maybe not. But here is a look at what tarot is, and how you can use this tool, daily.

For a minute this won’t feel super personal as we walk through the deck!

Let’s start with the basics. The tarot deck is comprised of 78 cards. Split into 4 suits like playing cards, as well as Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. These cards are used as a way to find guidance. The individual cards depict scenes featuring people, places, religious symbolism, hidden astrological ties and much more to convey their lessons and messages. It is up to the reader to learn the traditional meanings, as well as how to trust their intuition to interpret the message for themselves or whoever is asking the question. Starting out it can feel like there is no possible way to uncover the answers you are looking for. Chill, if this is something you feel could add value to your journey it’ll all make sense in time. Just be open to the experience, and eager to learn.

Tarot Crash Course :

Major Arcana - 22 Cards.
These are a big deal. Life Lessons. Roadblocks. Persistent themes you can’t seem to shake. A major influence over life and your soul’s journey. You see one of these babies and it is time to pay extra close attention. It is a journey through the eyes of the first card, The Fool, all the way through to The World. Beginning free spirited, eager, and naive, transforming with experience life gives us. As we travel through these 22 cards and their lessons we will ultimately reach completion.  Each card offers important lessons to learn in order to progress further in reaching your wholeness.

Minor Arcana - 56 Cards
These are not as daunting as the Major Arcana. They represent our blessings and challenges on a more daily level. Showing us the temporary energy that is moving through our life in the present moment. When you pull one of these it can show you how your current situation is helping or holding you back, and from that point what is your next step to take to reach your goals.

Within the Minor Arcana there is FOUR suits. Have I lost you yet ?! Keep going we are almost to the HOW, I promise.


Ok, this is just an overview. There is a TON of amazing books and blogs that go more in depth. Use all the resources.

Cups: Water. Feelings + Emotions + Intuition + Creativity.

  • Relationships + emotional connections to self or other

Wands: Fire. Energy + Motivation + Passion

  • Life Purpose + Spirituality + New Ideas

Pentacles: Earth. Money + Work + Material Items

  • Career + Grounding

Swords: Air.  Thoughts + Action + Words

  • Communicating Ideas + Making Decisions + Dominance

Using tarot as apart of your daily life, gives you a glimpse into your subconscious mind. It gives you the opportunity to see within yourself. Offering answers to your questions by showing you what you already know. As this information moves from your subconscious to your consciousness it now becomes actionable. You can see what steps you need to take, and it is eye opening.

If you are getting started on your own tarot journey, I highly recommend a traditional deck like Rider - Waite. Why, because a lot of the guidebooks will reference the traditional images used. Going back and picking up a Rider-Waite deck helped me transition from being stuck to the guide book to learning the meanings on a personal level. But you do you! There is a TON of cute decks with various artistic renditions of the cards.

So, now you know a little of the what. Let’s look at how you can add tarot time to your daily life and what this practice can offer you.

Daily Tarot Pull + Journal : PERSONAL PRACTICE
Morning time is my favorite time to add this in. I start each day with this. I make my coffee, feed my boys breakfast and while they eat I take this time to get clear about my day ahead.
Shuffle your cards. Breathe. Clear your mind. When you are ready, pick a card. I like to use my left hand. They say the left hand is connected to the subconscious and to your intuition! You can approach this pull with a specific question or simply an open mind seeing what message you need to hear. Depending on the day I may ask something like:

“What do I need to focus on”
“What do I need to be mindful of today”
“What is making me feel heavy”
Or I will just let go my expectations and be willing to listen.

Look at your card. Not glance but look. What is there. What colors have been used. Are there people. What does this picture make you feel. What kind of card is it. Does the element behind the suit change how you feel about the card. Journal all the impressions. Forget grammar and spelling. Use this moment to be free in your writing as you allow what needs to be heard come through. Do this before picking up your phone to google. You are working on building up your trust in yourself. You’ve now filled a page or two with what might feel like nonsense. It’s ok. Try piecing together a sentence that answers your question based on this picture. Your message might be enough. Your subconscious has shown you what you need for the day. But if you need more,now you can reach for your phone and google. Write down what else you learn about this card. It’ll help you grow in this tarot journey. Next time you see this card you will already know more than you did today!

Final step is to put it all together and make sure you answered your question. Keep this message with you throughout your day. Let it offer guidance, and that’s it. If moments of frustration arise bring your morning message to your mind and see what step you could take to navigate this challenge more effectively.


Question “ what to focus on today”

Impressions: cups - emotions/relationships.
dude chilling under a tree. Looks not stoked on life.
Maybe meditating / praying.
Tree offers shade sitting cross legged - connecting into earth
Cloud with hand + cup three cups infront.
He seems to feel he doesn’t have enough
He is missing the help that is being offered to him

Guess at the message:

Today focus on seeing all the emotional support that is being offered to you.

Tarot can be as complicated or as simple as you want. I think later we will do another post on some spreads I like to use for goal setting, full moon releases, and even mental breakdowns. I am grateful that this has become a piece of my life. It has given me the tools to get to know myself. My life has been transformed because of my willingness to learn and see who I am as a whole person. I am not saying buy a tarot deck and you’ll suddenly not have any life stresses, but I am saying if you are struggling and don’t know what your next step is. Start here, and see where it takes you.

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