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About Us

Shed hunting is a unique hobby, and in my husband's hunting world everyone is obsessed with antlers. Each spring, the deer, elk and moose "shed" their antlers to grow new larger antlers. This is one of the faster growing tissues in the world. Growing 3-4inches each day. Their antlers will reach their full potential by the fall. As shed hunters we spend our winters watching the deer, and once spring hits when their antlers drop we hit the hills hoping to pick them up.


A lot of miles go into each and every antler. Until I met my husband, I was unaware of how amazing our wildlife truly is. Through my necklaces I have combined our love of the outdoors and beautiful things. Nature meets modern. 

Each necklace includes an antler tip which in some cultures are a representation of wisdom, courage and growth. Each year as they loose them they begin a new journey and chapter of their lives.