Amber + Kyanite Siz 8.5

$ 213.00

Sterling Silver Kyanite + Amber Ring

Size 8.5

Hand detailed band.

May be sized up a half size.

Wearing, or having kyanite close by it is said to help you recognize your uniqueness, and how this parts of yourself is giving you clues towards your purpose. It help you get back on track, when you have allowed self destructive behaviors to get in your way. Bringing you back to alignment. Taking responsibility. Moving forward

They feel deep, serene, and calming. Like the ocean clearing out stuck emotions. Let this ring help you grow through what you've gone through. 

Round Baltic Amber that features a handful of inclusions that add to this stunning stone. Baltic Amber though stunning like a gemstone, is technically a fossil! It is fossilized tree resin. It is sometimes known as the "gold of the sea". It is a symbol of beauty, protection and rebirth. Wear this ring in times where you need to bring more balance to your life. These pieces of amber encourage patience and adaptability. The warmth it emanates bring about a cheerfulness. This is the ring you want to be wearing if you are ready to turn your dreams into reality.