$ 45.00

Each antler tip is unique and will vary slightly. Some tips may be darker than others.  In the drop down menu select your preference.

Each piece is approx 2.5 - 3 in long.

All antlers are shed antlers meaning no deer were harmed in the making of these beautiful necklaces.

Chain is 30inches long and includes a clasp but can easily be slipped over your head. It is a fine chain that slips through the antler so the antler is free to move along necklace.

Antlers have a lot of meaning behind them, they represent self defense and assertiveness. And have been said to help you set and achieve ambitious goals.

Accompanied by two turquoise beads - two is a number of balance. And turquoise is a stone for peace and protection

Turquoise has been known as a stone for protection. Often worn by travelers of old along their voyages. It has has a soothing vibration that often provides solace to the wearer. Benefiting your overall mood , through balancing your emotional body. Increasing your sense of serenity and peace.