| BE STILL | sterling silver ring - THE HIGH PRIESTESS

$ 35.00

Be Still

A simple and difficult reminder. In today's world we are supposed to be on 24/7. Accomplishing and kicking ass always. This phrase is inspired by The High Priestess in the Tarot Deck. She advises us to make no sudden moves. Through stillness you can grow your own power. By being still you can listen to who you need to be rather than who you are expected to be. As you be still you can truly see.

These rings are sized 4-10

Made of Sterling Silver, with a half round 6gauge band. They have a nice weight to them without being too heavy. 

Each ring has been hand stamped and hand crafted which may result in a varying depth of impression in each letter. 

With this purchase you will receive ONE ring, it may be sized up a half size.