$ 75.00

Each piece of citrine features a soft, subtle translucent yellow hue. These stones have been freeform cut and have unique varied shapes and sizes. Set in sterling silver on a 14gauge round wire band. These are a perfect everyday piece.

They have been surround by five random handcrafted sterling silver dots. The number five, has an energy that represents a part of us that seeks to be more expressive, more unified, and more understanding of who we are. Five is a reminder that we each have a desire to balance our individual internal equations.  The number five also symbolizes the dispensing of spiritual knowledge. 

Citrine is a warm and happy stone, that can bring clarity. A perfect pair for the hierophant who is here to help us gain deeper spiritual wisdom. 

These rings are size 5-9. May be sized up. Each ring will come with a piece of smoky quartz.