$ 115.00

This mala style necklace features 108 gemstone beads on a dusty pink silk cord that has been hand knotted in between each bead. This mala features moonstone, morganite, blue apatite, clear quartz and copper beads. 

It is a necklace to be worn and meditated with. Put it on to jazz up an outfit, or wear it as a reminder of the goals you are working towards. Let it speak to you, connect with it.  This mala represents the ability within to be what you are everything you are seeking for. A connection to your raw feminine abilities to flow gracefully through life.

The focal point of this mala, is the clear quartz which was handmined by ME! So may hands and yours are the only ones that will have touched it :) I chose it in this combination because of its ability of amplification and programmability. Though each stone has its meaning, through holding this in your hands you can program this necklace with your own specific intentions in mind. I love to use clear quartz for its purity and patient energy. Let's be honest, life can be demanding and we call all use some extra patience. Clear quartz is commonly known as the master healer, as it can connect with all chakras. 

Moonstone is a babe. These gemstone beads, have a slight blue flash depending on where the light is hitting them. They were chosen for their connection to the feminine, and reminder to go with the flow. 

There is only a few morganite scatter strategically through this mala, but they truly radiate a compassionate energy. It is also the largest bead.

Apatite is the raw blue gemstones by the clear quartz, as well as the blue gemstones found within the mala. It is an amazing stone for manifesting, taking dreams and turning them to reality. I chose to add them close to the clear quartz so their properties would be amplified!

Through the eyes of love, you can see that not everything needs to make sense for it to feel right for you.