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Each necklace features a unique and individual clear quartz point, on a 20in gold filled chain. 

Clear Quartz is a window of light. Simple and stunning. Allowing us to examine our current beliefs with clarity. Drawing away negative thoughts and patterns that keep us from evolving. Clear Quartz gives us the opportunity to hear our higher selves. Allowing us to be guided towards truths that are more aligned with who we are, opposed to who we feel we should be. 

Clear Quartz is amazing for healing and bringing calmness to the mind. 

This necklace is the perfect everyday piece. 

Inspired by The Hierophant of the major arcana in the tarot deck. 

"Your soul will show you what you need

You are an individual, but you are not alone. You are apart of something far greater than yourself.  Step away from any spiritual aversions up you may have. Let yourself examine your belief system. Be open and unafraid of a new spiritual path. You have the keys to unlock your truth. Do not force your journey. Allow yourself to be lead towards new authentic beliefs. You are blessed along your path. This is a blessing of love and spiritual well being. "