Clear Quartz Tower #8

$ 6.00 Regular price $ 11.50

This is a listing for this exact CLEAR QUARTZ TOWERY from Brazil. These are beautiful and a great addition to any space.  They are faceted into a 6 sided column with a flat and slightly beveled base so it stands up on its own. Great quality at an affordable price. 

Please be aware that since these are natural pieces there WILL be cracks and variations in the pieces.

Clear Quartz is a window of light. Simple and stunning. Allowing us to examine our current beliefs with clarity. Drawing away negative thoughts and patterns that keep us from evolving. Clear Quartz gives us the opportunity to hear our higher selves. Allowing us to be guided towards truths that are more aligned with who we are, opposed to who we feel we should be. 

Clear Quartz is amazing for healing and bringing calmness to the mind.