Create Order Out of Chaos: Garnet Ring

$ 67.00

Tarot is my jam, and 2020 is a year that embodies the energy of the emperor. The Emperor is the father figure, masculine, full of structure and order. He sees the chaos of the world around him, and implements his skills to create order and sense. Breaking down problems into manageable pieces, making a plan and executing it.

2020 is time to be is a lover of boundaries. Allow yourself to remember the importance of establishing clear and healthy boundaries. Requiring you to ask yourself, have I built my relationships upon a solid foundation based on truth. Choose to make sense of the world around and share your wisdom to all who will listen. 

Get ready to be systemic in your approach to your problems. Taking what the last few years lessons have taught you to level up. To bring you back to a place of co-creation in your reality.  You + the universe are simply unstoppable. 

With all this in mind we revisited one of our most popular rings. A juicy deep garnet, set in sterling silver with an offset band. 

Garnet is said to be grounding in times of turmoil, it can act as a help to balance your energetic systems while uplifting your attitude. It for me is the ultimate balancer. 

The offset band, is a visual reminder of the chaos you are taking and order you are creating.

These are made to order. Please allow 3-5 business days for your ring to be completed. Leave your size in the notes at the check out!