Feel Fresh : Brazilian Emerald Ring

$ 135.00

These luscious Brazilian emeralds, are freeform in shape and vary slightly in color. They are set on a sterling silver floral pattern band. Keeping their design simplistic, and the gemstone the true feature of this ring. 

Sterling Silver. Handcrafted. 

We know the world is going through some changes, we are all feeling the effects in different ways. This ring was inspired through our personal experiences with these changes. These emeralds hold the power to awaken your soul in times of uncertainty. Giving the wearer hope for the future, reminding them that when things come to an end, it creates space for growth and renewal. 

This ring, is your reminder that you are apart of nature not separate. Throughout these worldly challenges and changes, allow yourself to flow through each feeling and experience without expectation. Welcome the change. Allow this emerald to bring a freshness to how you see the world around you. 

Emerald is known as one of the stones of heart, releasing the heaviness you may be experiencing in your emotional field. Bringing to you a deep nourishing energy of hope, and abundance.

It can bring you the strength to overcome the hardships of life. Giving you clarity of mind to step about from negative repetitive patterns.