Floral Feminine Feels Moonstone Necklace

$ 212.00

This necklace features the most beautiful rainbow moonstone I've ever had the pleasure of working with. 


She is 29.5mm x 21mm. Chain length is 22 end to end. Hangs approx 6inchs below collarbone, and the pendant hangs 2inch from chain.

Flashes range from blue to truly rainbow.

Life in the world right now is hard, uncertain, unpredictable. we chose moonstone to help guide us through all the feels the world is throwing at us. 

Moonstone is a babe. They were chosen for their connection to the feminine, and reminder to go with the flow. 

Going with the flow when nothing makes sense is a pain, but tap into yourself. Even when the way is unclear, you can find the best next step for your personal journey.