Ground Down To Grow Through: Garnet + Sunstone Necklace

$ 77.00

2020 is here and we are ready for it! In tarot, this is the year of the Emperor. A year the will call for structure, order, boundaries and a willingness to do the damn work! In tarot, the emperor sees the chaos of the world around him, and implements his skills to create order and sense. Breaking down problems into manageable pieces, making a plan and executing it.

This necklaces is the everyday piece you can wear to ground down into yourself, into the present. To bring you back to a place of co-creation in your reality.  

You + the universe are simply unstoppable. 

Garnet is said to be grounding in times of turmoil, it can act as a help to balance your energetic systems while uplifting your attitude. It for me is the ultimate balancer. It is paired with Sunstone which evokes the feeling of being alive and recognizing the abundance that already surrounds you.  Sunstone will ask you to tap into your uniqueness and let your freak flag fly. Because in a world where everyone is trying to fit in, 2020 is about standing out and shining light on what makes you different. 

These are AAA grade gemstones.

17 inches end to end with a 2inch chain extender, offering versatility in how you choose to wear it. It can be worn shorter more choker length, or at full extension. Perfect for layering or wearing solo. 

Gold filled findings.