Grounded Intuition - Moonstone + Turquoise

$ 123.00

Sterling Silver Statement Ring

Size 7

Wear this simple, everyday ring as a reminder to flow through life. You can do all the things, but you don't have to. 

Moonstone is a babe. These free form shaped stone, have a blue flash, with small peaks of pink and yellow depending on where the light is hitting them. They were chosen for their connection to the feminine, deepening your intuition and reminder to go with the flow. 

Rainbow Moonstone can offer you a gentleness from within yourself bringing a happiness to your external world. 

Turquoise has been known as a stone for protection. Often worn by travelers of old along their voyages. It has has a soothing vibration that often provides solace to the wearer. Benefiting your overall mood , through balancing your emotional body. Increasing your sense of serenity and peace. 

Wear this ring, and make it your own. Call on the energy of this stone, and take what you need. Turquoise is also know for promoting self awareness and assisting in problem solving.