Guided From Within Necklace

$ 26.00

For centuries, travelers have relied on the stars to guide them. Guide them to where they want to go, and then guide them home. Putting their trust in the sky and using their knowledge to experience a world beyond.

You are made up of stars, and the guidance you need on your journey home lays within you. Wear this necklace as a reminder of the stars you are made up of, and the power you have inside you to get you exactly where you need to go. There is a whole world that exists inside of you that is just waiting for you to explore it.

The six point star is all about balance and protection, and along our journey to our highest self these two components are so crucial. 

This necklace is a tribute to that concept. Three six point stars, with a CZ middle. On a dainty 19.5in snake chain.

You are magic. Wherever you are at in your life. Everyday holds the magic you are looking for.