Labradorite - Magic Maker Ring

$ 85.00

Sterling Silver - MADE TO ORDER PLEASE LEAVE SIZE IN NOTES AT CHECK OUT - Please allow 5 business days for your one of a kind cutie to be created. 

Scroll through the pictures to see how beautiful these labradorites are. 

This ring is available in two styles, beaded or simple.

Labradorite a stone of straight magic. Little galaxies and color play dancing in the light. I love to connect labradorite with transformation and instilling purpose. Each emotion I am experiencing is just waiting to be transformed and let go of. Rather than grasped tightly snowballing a small problem into something giant. Purpose doesn’t have to be a grand concept, it can just be purposefully doing your current task, or purposefully engaging with your child while they tell you the same story for the 30th time 😂 I believe, our everyday purpose is just to simply be present.

The outside of these labradorites are surrounded by a ring of beads, but I added an extra five beads, because five is a number that holds harmony, balance, and change. Which feels like what we could all use as we head into the holidays. A magical, yet possibly trigger filled time 😂😉