Goal Getter + Self Love Mala

$ 85.00

This mala style necklace features 108 gemstone beads on a green silk cord that has been hand knotted in between each bead. This necklace was charged under the new moon in Aries ( April 5th ). Filled with a fiery energy, one that encourages you to understand that taking care of yourself, implementing boundaries, and pursuing what set your soul on fire is not selfish. But rather an act of self love. A step towards living in full alignment. 

Love yourself enough to realize that you are worth reaching whatever dreams or goals you may have.

This is a copper plus gemstone mala. Apatite (blue), Morganite (pastels), and Clear Quartz (clear big stone).

Each stone is know for its own unique set of healing properties and this combination is dynamite.

Apatite, is a crystal that is revered for its ability to help overcome self doubt. It can help you let go of fear and tap into your personal power to achieve your goals. Apatite asks you to be open to possibility, learn to trust that even a mistake can be a step forward. 

Morganite is connected with love, it taps you back into the abundance of love that fills our lives. We can become so busy sometimes that we forget all that surrounds us. Use morganite to help you to surrender and let love lead the way. 

Clear Quartz was chosen for its ability to enhance and amplify to properties of apatite and morganite. As well as, to help increase the your clarity of mind and clear out the chatter that may distract you along your way.