Mini Moon Necklace

$ 36.00

You are beautiful and magical throughout all your phases, even the messy ones. Just like the moon, you may not always feel like shining. And that is ok. Grow through where you are. 

Wear this necklace as a reminder of your light and magic. These synthetic opals dance in the light. Each moon is unique, and will refract different colors dependent on the light available.

This mini moon is made from synthetic opal, it is not dyed and has a similar molecular structure to that of natural opal but it is grown in a lab rather than nature. And has the same unique color play you would expect from a natural opal. These are dainty and durable. Perfect for everyday wear. 

These are on a grey 1mm silk cord, and finished with sterling silver clasp and jump ring. These are approximately 17inches end to end and will sit about on your collarbone. Great for layering or wearing solo. 

For care it is recommended not to wear this in the shower, swimming, or during periods of excessive sweating. It will lead to slight darkening of the silk cord. Not a big deal! Just something to keep in mind.