Momentum : Opal

$ 107.00

Australian Natural Opal set in sterling silver

Sometimes, the most challenging aspect of embarking on something new is having the courage to start. This opal sterling silver ring features a unique yet impactful design to help find that forward motion you are seeking.  Conjuring up your courage to all your most true self come in to existence. 

Each opal presents its' own unique color play which is hard to capture in a photo! Colors found within these beauties are blue, green, and pink.

Energetically opals are known for their ability to promote calmness. They are helpful for those who have racing minds. Allowing your mind to find its center and decipher what thoughts need attention, and which are simply words floating around your brain distracting you from the work that you need to do. Opals are also amazing for their vibrations of protection. Keeping the negativity of others, or self, at bay. 

If you select made to order, please allow 5 business days for these to be custom created just for you !