Mountain Mama Moonstone

$ 213.00

Sterling Silver Statement Ring

Size 6.5

Wear this statement piece, and connect to you inner feminine wisdom., It is a ring you can look at, and find yourself getting grounded and connected to yourself. You can do all the things, but you don't have to. 

Adorned with handcrafted details including mountains either side of the moonstone. Bringing some bold energy to this feminine stone. As well as The phases of the moon across the back. A symbol of the triple goddess. Mother. Maiden. Crone. This can act as a reminder that the only constant is change. Learning and embracing the flow of life. Continual birth, death, and rebirth

Moonstone is a babe. These free form shaped stone, have a blue flash, with small peaks of pink and yellow depending on where the light is hitting them. They were chosen for their connection to the feminine, deepening your intuition and reminder to go with the flow. 

Rainbow Moonstone can offer you a gentleness from within yourself bringing a happiness to your external world.