Peach Moonstone + Morganite Antler Necklace

$ 60.00

This necklace features a shed antler tip. Each year the deer loose their antlers, much like we lose our baby teeth. And regrow a new set of antlers by the fall. This antler was found in Utah. It has been cleaned, sanded, and polished to make it a beautiful wearable piece of nature. It has been paired with these gemstones to bring the wearer a unique necklace as well as some emotional healing.

This necklace is approximately 26inches end to end. It features natural gemstones, and 14kt gold filled findings. 

Peach Moonstone ( peach ) is a stone that promotes a loving energy, and wants you to accept love that is being offered to you. It supports your heart, and stimulates your mind. Wearing this stone will help soothe your worry and anxiety.

Morganite ( light peach/pink ) opens and heals the Heart Chakra, allowing the wearing to overcome feelings of fear, resentment and anger. Morganite is also great for seeing where your emotional needs are not being expressed. When you can see what emotional needs are, and let go of free you are able to begin to transform. You can accept love and work through old attachments no longer serving you. Morganite is perfect for moving forward with a new sense of self.