$ 11.50

Possibility -- light this candle and watch the flame. As the flame grows let it show you that all you desire is possible.

Handpoured soy candle - 8oz

I chose to include candles in this collection because lighting my candle each morning has become apart of my daily ritual. Connecting me back to whatever goals or intentions I may have set. 

Fresh Scented candle. This is the perfect candle if you like subtle soft scents that don't leave you feeling over powered. It has a gentle floral aroma of white lilies, jasmine ( a personal favorite) that is finished with notes of sandalwood.

Top Notes: Basil, lemon, orange
Middle Notes: Lily, jasmine, rose
Base Notes: Musk, sandalwood

Candle Advice: 

- Maintain your wick: make sure your wick is no longer than 1/4" each time you light it

- Create a large melt pool: these candles are soy wax, and soy is considered a memory wax and it will only as wide as the first time. Make sure that the first time you use this candle you allow it to melt all the way out. This will take about 1hr. 

- Be smart ! Don't leave your candle somewhere where you can't see it. Keep it away from things that could catch on fire. The container will get hot. So if you have to handle it keep this in mind.