Raw Larimar Gold Filled Necklace

$ 35.00

Please note each piece of Larimar will vary in size and coloration, but has been hand selected to offer you the highest quality options. Your Larimar necklace will be as unique as you filled with raw yet refined power. 

These natural pieces of Larimar have been drilled and polished but left in their raw shape. Rough edges add to our story. 

Larimar aids in uncovering your inner saboteur. It encourages you to take control of your actions. Let go of guilt, and allow peace to flow through you as you let yourself speak your truth. Take time to break down the walls that have protect you. Release your emotions. Allow Larimar to be a powerful cleanser of all that is no longer serving you. Like a shower for your soul. 


They hang on a 14kt gold filled chain approximately 16 inches end to end. Making for the perfect layering necklace, or everyday necklace that will look awesome with a multitude of shirt necklines. It falls just under your collar bone. Swipe through pictures to see it worn. 

Unlike gold plated jewelry, these gold filled findings will not lose their gold.  Gold plated pieces will typically wear off quickly and expose the brass base metal. It does not stand up to heat, water or wear over time. Gold filled pieces should maintain their gold for the longevity of their lifetime.