Rose Quartz Sterling Silver Cuff -- THE EMPRESS

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Sterling silver cuff

fits wrist sizes 5-6.5inches best

The Empress in the tarot deck embodies the qualities we often associate with Mother Earth. Nurturing. Feminine. Abundant. Beautiful. Loving. Sensual. Tapping you back in, and connecting you to the world you live in. Switching your mindset from me to WE. 

The Empress shows us that life is magic and that there is evidence of this everywhere. Take a step outside and just see what is growing. See how even though there is infrastructure everywhere nature can not be tamed. It shows up in all place. You are growing through each moment you experience. And that is magic! You don't have to be the same person as you were the day before. 

Embrace your nurturing nature. Let yourself love and be loved. Know you are worthy of receiving love. Begin this journey by starting with yourself. Offer yourself the unconditional love you crave, and watch how this transforms your relationships.