Size 8.5 - Let Love In - TURQUOISE HEART RING

$ 150.00

Choosing to let love in, opens you up to all sorts of possibilities including the potential to be hurt. It is why some of us have walls, a way of protecting our delicate hearts. Love can be scary, truly allowing yourself to receive the love being offered asks you to let your walls down and be vulnerable. Because what is a loveless life?

This turquoise hand cut cabochon embodies this idea, letting love in. Letting love be your guide rather than fear. Turquoise is a stone known for is protective energy. 

Open up. Be Vulnerable. Graciously Receive.

Be the love you want to see, share your love and most importantly be willing to let love in.

Sterling silver + turquoise with hand fabricated details. May be size up a half size. Fits true to size.