Soothing Stability - Cancer New Moon Mala

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This mala style necklace features 108 gemstone beads on a grey silk cord that has been hand knotted in between each bead. This necklace inspired by the new moon in cancer (July 12).

New moons are an amazing start for new beginnings and fresh energy. The energy under the cancer new moon is an energy of subtle strength, encourage old feelings, heart aches, and wounds to resurface. At this time they are being brought to our attention so we can heal. This new moon is one of nurturing and and reclaiming your power. 

This necklace includes carnelian and Dumortierite. These are an amazing pair has carnelian is a high intense motivational energy and Dumortierite has a soft soothing energy. 

 Dumortierite’s ( dark blue ) soothing vibrations encourage patience with yourself and the universe. Allowing you to find your flow in life. Accepting the blessing and lessons as they come. It is also helpful when you are feeling unfocused and scattered bringing you back to where you need to be.

Carnelian ( red ) is a stone of stablity and vitality. It has an intense energy about it that helps stimulate your creativity. It is an amazing stone for shifting your prespective, and truly trusting yourself.