Strong and Stable Mala

$ 75.00

This mala style necklace features 108 gemstone beads on a grey silk cord that has been hand knotted in between each bead. This necklace was charged under the NEw moon in libra ( October 8 ). The new moon encourages us to set clear intentions of how we want to feel.  Will wear like the last picture 

This mala is amazing for invoking feelings of strength, stability, and staying grounded in the present.

Garnet (deep red) is an amazing stone for staying grounded and connected in the present moment. Not allowing yourself to get caught up in the worries of the future and all the what ifs that go along with it. It is protective against negative energies, and brings the wearer courage and hope. As you stay grounded in the moment, garnet helps to encourage staying committed to yourself and your purpose.

Jasper ( grey) offers a calm stability, enhancing the grounding qualities of the garnet. It is a stone of courage, giving you a tenacity to work towards your goals. Wearing jasper helps to promote feelings of compassion and patience towards others and yourself. Often we do not give ourselves the same patience we give those around us. This is a reminder that you are worthy of this same patience and compassion. Jasper encourages you to stay honest with yourself while working through fears, insecurities and self inflicted restrictions. 

Carnelian ( red ) is a stone of stablity and vitality. It has an intense energy about it that helps stimulate your creativity. It is an amazing stone for shifting your prespective, and truly trusting yourself.