I am Light Necklace

$ 26.00

This is the necklace for you if you are looking for easy and everyday wear.

Our biggest saboteurs are often ourselves. This necklace has been handcrafted with this in mind. The eye has been a symbol for protection for many years. It is easily recognized and associated with keeping negativity at bay. But what if the negativity comes from within? I've got you. 

Wear this necklace to protect yourself, from yourself. Stop comparison in its tracks before it takes over your thoughts leaving you small and stuck. Take back your energy. Release the need to be anyone but who you are. 

It features a sunburst which is approximately 15x17mm that is inlayed with teal gem. Daintily strung on a chain that is 18inches. 

The sun is a symbol that encompasses so much, and you can apply your own significance. We chose to feature this design for connection between the sun and life giving energy it shares freely.  The sun is a symbol of light, joy, and life. Within you there is this same force. Wear this necklace and empower yourself. Remember that even in the dark your light still shines, and release the thoughts that weigh you down.

You are magic. Wherever you are at in your life. Everyday holds the magic you are looking for.