Tarot Reading

$ 25.00

Over the last three years, I have been using tarot as a guide through life. Letting it bring forth the answers to help me become my best self. Showing me areas of weakness, and consoling me when things become overwhelming. Tarot is an amazing self tool, and to increase my understanding I have decided to offer readings at a discounted rate for a limited time. It has offered me so much help in reclaiming my personal power. I want each of you to know of your strength within.

Tarot Readings work by posing a question, asking for helping, or needing to know what to focus on. Then a series of cards are randomly selected from the deck and interpreted based on the symbolism, numerology, and personal intuition. 

Tarot does not predict the future. We all have free will. And our free will allows us to change any of the variables creating a new outcome. Readings are like a calculator producing an outcome based on one set of variables. These variables being our actions, our thoughts and our desires. My personal belief is, that tarot brings forth the answers we already know that are resting in our subconscious. Bringing them to our conscious mind so we can choose to take action. 

This listing is for ONE TAROT READING.

Upon purchase you will receive a brief questionnaire that will help me better serve you. You will receive a personal reading based upon the answers to your questionnaire. 

For this guidance selection You will receive a 2-3 card spread depending on the question and the guidance I feel I need to give you the best reading. Your reading will be emailed to as a word document with clear pictures of the cards attached so you can look and make your own connections with these cards. The reading will be 150+ words. 


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