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| THE EMPEROR |  is a lover of boundaries. He is a reminder of the importance of establishing clear and healthy boundaries. Requiring you to ask yourself, have I built my relationships upon a solid foundation based on truth. This card embodies discipline and leadership. A creator of order out of chaos. Making sense of the world around and sharing his wisdom to all who will listen. 

This ring features  garnet with deep red tones, set in sterling silver or brass. The band has been offset with nod towards the emperor and his ability to bring order out of chaos. Select which metal you would like, and leave your ringsize in the notes. These rings will be made to order  

Garnet (deep red) is an amazing stone for staying grounded and connected in the present moment. Not allowing yourself to get caught up in the worries of the future and all the what ifs that go along with it. It is protective against negative energies, and brings the wearer courage and hope. As you stay grounded in the moment, garnet helps to encourage staying committed to yourself and your purpose.